Activities of the Lab

Evolution across Disciplines & Research & Publication Lab (September-December 2016)

In the Autumn semester of 2016, Maria Kronfeldner & Michele Luchetti delivered the second R&P lab at CEU, attached to a course on Evolution across Disciplines. The course  combined the know-that (content) specific to the topic with sessions focused on developing practical know-how (research & publication skills, and guest lectures). Students got acquainted with different types of writing formats including writing a book review, peer review, and argumentative piece. They developed their database & research skills in the course of training sessions directed by the CEU library. They benefitted from discussions on bias in peer review, issues related to open access, and from a meeting with Michela Massimi, one of the editors-in-chief of the British Journal for Philosophy of Science. Their awareness and critical reflections on academic publishing, database search, and other issues developed into a number of posts published on this blog.

Scientific Pluralism & Epistemic Relativism Workshop (February 2016)

(Inc. Research Publication Session: Raw Talent as Exclusion Mechanism)

In February 2016 Matthew Baxendale and Michele Luchetti organised a two-day workshop on scientific pluralism & epistemic relativism. The workshop consisted in seven invited talks on related topics and a R&P session led by Maria Kronfeldner concerning the impact considering ‘raw talent’ to be a prerequisite for being successful in philosophy has on the field, particularly how such perception act as an exclusion mechanism within the discipline. Participants from the unity of science and R&P lab course attended the workshop as discussants. A core reference for the discussion was the study from Leslie et al (2015) on how “Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines

The Unity of Science & Research & Publication Lab (September-December 2015)

In the Autumn semester of 2015, Maria Kronfeldner & Matthew Baxendale delivered the first R&P lab at CEU, attached to a course on the Unity of Science. The course was a combination of know-that (content) and know-how (research & publication skills, and guest lectures). Students developed skills for a variety of writing formats including writing a book review; peer review, and argumentative piece. They discussed issues related to academic publishing, peer review, as well as developing their database & research skills. They benefitted from guest lectures and discussions, one on “The world of publishing”, with the head of CEU Library, Diane Geraci, and the head of the CEU Press, Krisztina Kós, and one with Hannes Leitgeb, the current editor of the Journal Erkenntnis. Further details about the course, materials from it, and student feedback can be found in the R&P handbook on this webpage.