Resources for Students

Here you can find individual handouts for topics in research & publication.


Finding relevant literature amongst an ever-growing mountain of published articles can be a daunting task. Our guide to database use and research strategies will help you find the needle in the haystack.


Writing and Revising 

Writing  book reviews in an important part of the academic review process. It can also be a great way to get something you wrote published in a journal and get your foot on the ladder of academic publishing. See our guide to writing a book review.

Our guide to writing an argumentative piece is full of advice on structuring your work, finding the appropriate scope and target of your piece, and constructing a clear and precise argument.

Triadic feedback sessions are a collaborative way to gain feedback on your own work and critically engage with the work of others. This group-based activity is be an enjoyable alternative to more traditional feedback methods. Find out how to conduct a triadic feedback session with our guide.


Towards Publishing

Peer review is a really important part of academia, both for professional academic formats such as journal publications, conferences, and workshops, as well as the development of your own work through critical engagement with others. Our guide to do a peer review is designed to help you develop your peer review skills.


All together

We have also complied a host of further links and resources related to research & publication issues. Check them out!